Senior Wellness

A Reputation for Service

Our staff at Physical and Sports Therapy Services takes great pleasure in working with the surrounding senior community. Seniors love the service they receive at Physical and Sports Therapy Services. We offer private treatment rooms, hands-on care, and a team that makes an extra effort to listen to the needs of each individual.

Ideal Candidates for Therapy

Physical therapy is of tremendous benefit to a vast majority of seniors with musculoskeletal movement disorders. When developing a treatment program for our seniors, special consideration of geriatric physiology, pathology, functional and family support and community resources is a necessity. We have the knowledge and experience to help our community members maximize their function and recover independence.

Professional Guidance Pays Off

Pain relief is only half of the battle. Often times joint replacements and medications will result in a significant reduction in pain. However, muscle weakness, inflexibility, and a lack of functional skills still put a damper on the quality of life. Over the last few years, medical research has made light of the important functional benefits that can be attained as the result of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Whenever possible, we at Physical and Sports Therapy Services turn to the current best evidence to guide us in the evaluation and treatment of our senior community.