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"Kyle was my therapist and he did an exceptional job! He was very professional and well trained. I would highly recommend this establishment. "
Aug 17, 2018
"I finished with my therapy sessions today. I had a total knee replacement and chose to go to Payson PST. The care that Jace, Kyle, and their staff provided was excellent. Not only are they all very professional but they are all very kind and friendly. They were constantly encouraging me. I definitely made the right choice in choosing Physical & Sports Therapy of Payson!"
Aug 07, 2018
"I just finished my therapy sessions today. I had a knee replacement. The care that I received from Jace and his staff was excellent. Both the receptionist and the staff at the Payson office are so friendly and encouraging. I made the right choice when I picked them to get the help that I needed."
Jun 28, 2018
"I had a very good experience at this physical therapy facility. Jace was my therapist, and Kyle worked with me a couple of times. They took care of me and helped my knee get back to normal. We pushed hard, but the time passed quickly because we all enjoyed each other’s company. The secretary and assistants always made me feel welcome, and we’re so helpful. I will definitely choose to go there again."
Jun 16, 2018
"Friendly and Professional. Very knowledgeable with personal experience in injury/operative rehabilitation."
May 16, 2018
"Kyle is a great therapist I would recommend this place for anyone I want to thank Kyle for what he did for me Thanks Mike Robertson"
Apr 04, 2018
"Wonderful, competent, knowlegeable people who care. The facilities are top-notch, equipment is great It is a clean, family friendly environment. The therapists are kind, caring, and know just how hard to push you to get the best results. When I have my other knee replaced I will come back to PSTS in Payson again."
Jan 26, 2018
"Great job for me! They are friendly and have your best interest!"
Jan 01, 2018
"Friendly staff and greeted me by name when arrived. Seemed to have a good variety of equipment. Very clean facility."
Dec 28, 2017
"I had revision knee surgery at Timpanogos Hospital in October and was assigned to Kyle Anderson for my physical therapist. He was very pleasant to work with and there every day but one during my stay. I wound up choosing Onecare for my home health care provider, who he also happened to work for. Kyle saw me throughout my rehab at home and gave me many suggestions and exercises to do on my own, even some back stretches to help with pain I was dealing with there. Having had several knee surgeries already, I had experienced several therapists who had me do a few stretching excersises that hurt greatly, so much so that I always took a pain pill prior to their arrival. There was never a time that I needed to do that with Kyle. Some things may have been a little uncomfortable initially but never the sharp pain that I had experienced before. Kyle is a kind, caring therapist, who I would highly recommend, and now consider him a friend. I was pleasantly surprised with the facility and staff at Physical and Sports Therapy. They have more equipment than the other PT providers I've been to in both Draper and Spanish Fork. Much of the equipment is directed towards knee recovery (although they work with all types of recovery) and there's also a pool. They invited me to come use their equipment on my off days and for 30 days after, which no other facility has done. I will use them again when I need their help and definitely recommend them for others."
Dec 08, 2017


"The staff always greeted me by name and seemed concerned about my well being. After two months, I was released and I continue to exercise at home, Darren has emailed me since then to see how I am doing. I am thankful for their service."

Eric K.

"I want you to know what fine facilities you have but more important, what fine people you have working there. There is a feeling of kindness, competence, and genuine interest in helping those who come."

"Brad Mangum was the best therapist I have dealt with. I wish all medical professionals were as good as him. I was very pleased with your service."

"This physical therapy unit is wonderful. The staff is great!"

"From the first time we met, your team treated me with such kindness, and compassion for my situation...You gave me back my leg, and hope, and for that I can never repay you, or express my gratitude enough."

"I want you to know what fine facilities you have (they are clean and well maintained) but more important, what fine people you have working there. There is a feeling of kindness, competence, and genuine interest in helping those who come."

"This PT unit is wonderful. The staff is great!"